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To thrive on microbial earth, we need to understand microbes, learn how to co-exist with them, and show respect for each other. Together we can build a greener and more sustainable future under the guard of microbes. At mBio.Works, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experiences. This is our collection of technical docs, microbiology essays, case studies, concept explanations, literature digests, patent notes, social event highlights, lab life snapshots, conference and exhibition summaries, teaching materials, and more, all originally written by our microbes-inspired staff.

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Technical documents

DNA Extraction

High-quality DNA extraction is the first vital step to a successful microbial genomics project. We apply various protocols tailored to specific sample types, f.x. colonies, soils, sediments, swabs, filters, and plant/animal tissues. Only proven commercially available kits are used.

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TechBBQ 2023 Copenhagen: Highlights and Impressions

The ten-year old Nordic startup summit TechBBQ for the first time has a session dedicated to life science startups, making it much more exciting and relevant for biotech startups like us mBioWorks. It features inspiring talks and endless networking opportunities.

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Case Study

We regularly release findings from our R&D and customer-shared data. This curated collection of case studies highlights our expertise and methodologies in handling a diverse range of samples, showcasing our commitment to transparency and excellence.

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Case Studies

Biofilm Bacterial Diversity on Drinking Water Plastic Bags

Through 16S metagenomics, we reveal a remarkably high bacterial diversity within the surface biofilms of a commercial drinking water bag after one-year use. Additionally, we introduced an innovative method for collecting biofilm bacterial biomass that adheres strongly to plastic bags.

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Literature digest

Dilemma: Full-Length or Partial 16S rRNA Genes? OTU or ASV?

A recent research paper delves into the long-standing dilemma that has perplexed researchers for years when profiling microbial diversity (See original article by Pan et al., 2023. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 89:5. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1128/aem.02108-22).

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Conference digest

Digitalisation and Machine Learning in Microbiology

Microbiologist Prof. Adrian Egli from the University of Zurich presented a visionary talk on AI’s potential to advance microbiology at the ECCMID2023 conference in Copenhagen. The audience was inspired to explore AI’s transformative role in understanding microorganisms and their impact.

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Technical documents

Sample Prep & Shipping

We accept various samples including DNA, microbial pure cultures, and environmental collections like soil, lake water, filters, swabs, plant or animal materials, any items or objects colonized by microbes.

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