Every 'microbe' is a node in an intricately connected world. Here you can see how mBioWorks connects to partners, collaborators, startup ecosystems, local business hubs, and government agencies. Together we can make microbial Earth a better planet to live in.

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Sequencing Hubs

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Holidays 2024

This is a summary of official holidays of 2024 in Denmark, the UK, and China. We use this calendar to count the number of workdays spent on a project.

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Technical documents

Microbial Genome Sequencing

Sequencing a microbial genome has never been as easy and affordable as now. We provide a complete sequencing package with the basic bioinformatics analysis included. Our professional services allow you to be hustle-free and focus on your critical tasks.

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Technical documents

Microbial Community Profiling

Microbial life dominates our planet Earth in terms of quantity and biodiversity. The very first step to understanding them is to know who they are. This can be addressed via high-throughput amplicon sequencing of a few conservative biomarker genes.

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