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Microbial voices & insights

To thrive on microbial earth, we need to understand microbes, learn how to co-exist with them, and show respect for each other. Together we can build a greener and more sustainable future under the guard of microbes. At mBio.Works, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experiences. This is our collection of technical docs, microbiology essays, case studies, concept explanations, literature digests, patent notes, social event highlights, lab life snapshots, conference and exhibition summaries, teaching materials, and more, all originally written by our microbes-inspired staff.

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Data Analysis Package

Microbial bioinformatics is a practical art. We are not professional programmers but understand the logic and biological meanings behind the command lines with ample experience using various programs, databases and software. You are guaranteed to receive industry-leading bioinformatics services.

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Practical Microbial Bioinformatics

This is a compilation of protocols and methods we use in analyzing the sequencing data of microbial genomes, microbiomes, and amplicons. It covers Linux basics and various bioinformatics pipelines. All protocols are tested in a local Bio-Linux server.

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