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Behind the scenes at mBioWorks.
Our beliefs, aspirations, and spiritual microbes.

We Are mBioWorks

mBio represents microbiology and molecular biology; Works is a workshop dedicated to studying microbes or means terrific things happening in the microbial world. 

Together, we make amazing microbes working for our society’s benefit at our will. Our mission is to unlock the power of microbes and lower the barrier to practising microbial genomics in any laboratory by making quality, affordable services and products accessible to anyone and any business.

A Microbe Lover

Our planet has 1 million times more microbial cells than the stars in the universe. A human contains about 30 trillion human cells and 39 trillion microbial cells.

We see microbes as our close partners with the highest respect. It is them who make our planet inhabitable. They are the first to come and will surely be the last to leave. There is almost unlimited potential to be discovered about microbes, which are critical for creating a better, greener future.

We Love To Explore​

Only a small fraction of the microbial world has been characterized. The number of microbial species on Earth yet to be identified could be in the millions or even billions.

We stop at nothing

By continuously evolving and adapting, microbes can occupy a wide range of niches and play important roles in virtually every ecosystem on Earth.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Microbes are the oldest and most abundant life forms on Earth. The evolution of bacteria has occurred over billions of years and has involved numerous steps

We Keep It Simple

Microbes can rapidly adapt to changing environments and compete for limited resources by maintaining simplicity in microbial structures and metabolisms.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Passion And Dedication

Exploring the vast diversity of microbes and their genetic makeup can provide insights into the role of microbes in various ecosystems, the ways in which they impact human health, and the potential applications of their unique genetic features. 

We are passionate about advancing our understanding of these organisms and translating that understanding into real-world applications.

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The Faces Behind our Success

Microbes’ Might Couldn’t Be Exposed Without Them

Are You The Next Excited 'Microbes' To Join Us?


Seeking Co-Founders Who Share The Same Passion For Microbial Genomics Industry As We Do. Background in Chemistry, Biotech, Data Science, Business Management, Engineering, Or Laboratory Applications Is All Welcome.

Market & Communication Manager

Seeking A Market and Communication Manager. Develop Sustainable Relationship With Customers And Marketing Strategies. Communicate Our Vision, Achievements, and Struggles With Stakeholders and Investors.

Intern or Student Helper

Welcome Interns and Student Helpers. There Are Always Exciting Projects Awaiting You, e.g. Website Updates, Products Design, Webshop Maintenance, Bioinformatics Coding, Standing At Exhibitions, Writing Technical Blogs, etc.

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Our services and products are for anyone interested in using genomics tools to address microbes-related challenges and create sustainable solutions.

Selected public institutions:

And many private companies f.x.

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