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Microbial bioinformatics is a practical art. We are not professional programmers but understand the logic and biological meanings behind the command lines with ample experience using various programs, databases and software. You are guaranteed to receive industry-leading bioinformatics services.

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Table of Contents

Key Specs
  • Basic Bioinformatics Package, 299 Kr. (€ 49), Included In All Sequencing Projects.

  • Pro Bioinformatics Package, 1,699 Kr. (€ 229), Includes Various Add-On Bioinformatics Services.

  • Premium Bioinformatics Package, 9,199 Kr. (€ 1,299), Is Highly Customer-Tailored With Details Upon Inquiry.

  • All Packages Can Be Ordered To Analyze Customers’ Own Data, Independently of Sequencing Services.

Raw Data Requirements

We accept all types of raw reads data generated by mainstream sequencers on the market and conduct purely bioinformatic analysis. Thus, customers are not required to use our sequencing services.


The project will only commence when we receive the last batch of qualified data. When a project is successfully completed, we will provide the following items as the standard deliverables:

  • Reads QC report;

  • Assemblies or cleaned sequences;

  • Original files generated by each bioinformatic pipeline;

  • Project final report

Pricing & Turnaround Time

The service fees are 299 kr./sample for a Basic Bioinformatics Package, 1,699 kr./sample for a Pro Bioinformatics Package, and 9,199 kr./sample for a Premium Bioinformatics Package. Please refer to the workflows above for the detailed differences between these three packages. If a single dataset corresponding to a biological sample contains a tremendous amount of data, f.x. >1 Tb, please consult with us first, as our servers cannot handle this data size. In such cases, additional costs may arise from renting computing resources at The Danish National Life Science Supercomputing Center (Computerome). Details upon inquiry.

The project turnaround time is typically a few weeks, depending on the sample size, counted from when the last batch of data is received. Please be aware that we are an international team; thus, holidays include Denmark, UK, and China. For the contract reason, we set a relatively safe time frame of max. one month to complete a pure bioinformatics project. In most cases, a project can be finished earlier. 

Payment Term

All payments set forth on the invoice are due within 30 days from the date of the invoice. We may impose a service charge on past due amounts between one and one-half percent (1.5%) and three percent (3%) per month, not to exceed the maximum amount permitted by law. Upon the Customer’s request, we will provide a statement within ten days.

The service agreement should be governed by and construed in accordance with the law in Denmark.

Service Contract

Draft agreement using an amplicon sequencing project as an example

Q: Where do you process the data?

As a general policy, we do not disclose the locations of our servers and genome data scientist team. But we can confirm that all our resources are distributed within these three countries: Denmark, UK, and China. In some cases, we may use AWS, Azure, or Alibaba Cloud to perform certain parts of the pipelines. If you are concerned that your data may leave the EU territory, please seek other bioinformatics service providers, as we cannot guarantee that.

Q: How can I send the data to you quickly and conveniently?

The easiest way is to upload the data to a shared Dropbox folder we create for each project. Customers can also use other online big file transfer services or even mail hard disks to us. Once the project is done, we will return the disks by regular mail.

Q: Will I receive detailed methods or protocols you use in the bioinformatic analysis?

Yes, you will. Many of our customers are academic researchers who need a detailed description of the whole bioinformatic pipeline for future publications. We have a ready-for-publication version of all our protocols including parameter settings for each command or program. This will be included in a project’s final report. We will make all methods and protocols available online at some point.

Q: In what format will the figures be?

The figures will be in an uneditable PNG or JPG format with a maximum resolution of 300 dpi for the Basic package. All figures will be in both SVG and PNG/JPG formats for the Pro or Premium package. The SVG files can be edited with Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to generate publication-quality figures.


See more at mBioWorks FAQ.

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